AGILE4CIRC promotes the social inclusion through an innovative approach helping adults to deliver a business with a value proposition in the growing field of Circular Economy in the world. It is structured as a journey, made of several steps and challenges where low-skilled or low-qualified adults will acquire new knowledge and skills, improve their entrepreneurial skills and achieve their personal and professional objectives. During the journey they will empower themselves and promote social good and cross-cultural fertilization. In particular they will:

  1. Get to know themselves, set and focusing on their objectives,
  2. Develop entrepreneurial skills, including soft and hard skills
  3. Realize and implement their own innovative business idea.
The Project is designed to have a long-term benefit to the low-skilled or low-qualified adults around Europe. Partner organizations will seek to use all new tools created during the project, to carry out actions aimed at a wide audience, beyond the de


The AGILE4CIRC – Agile Leadership Transformation for Business in Circular Economy project comes as an answer to the complicated situation of the low-skilled or low qualified adults around Europe. They are facing labour market that has gone under significant changes and discrepancy between the educational offers and market demands, with low levels of qualification and limited ability to create new jobs. AGILE4CIRC is addressing those issues with focus on Circular Economy.

Research on Circular Economy and Social Responsibility in 5 countries dedicated to adults and new business opportunities to be developed for the targeted group in the new economy

Development of innovative methodological framework based on Agile

Service Management System For Business Agility In The Circular Economy


  • customer – who possesses the new business idea for the circular economy and is socially sustainable, 
  • the provider – who will fulfil the need of the customer, supporting her/him through the incubation process. 

The service provided enclose actions of communication, agreement, mutual commitment and trust that involves the user of a service and the provider.



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