Readings with Laura Kunreuther_Animation

This section will explore the concept of animation that emerges as a key theme in Frankenstein.  How does animation relate to the fact of listening or witnessing another person/creature’s tale that similarly structures the novel and has become a central mode of engagement for today’s figures of liminality like contemporary refugees? What correlations and differences might we discern between animating a being into life and witnessing or listening to their tale?

The third suggested reading reflects on the classroom as a ‘semi-private room’ and may provide an opportunity for us to think about what we are doing as an intimate, semi-private group in PSL and how that relates to the practice of experimental humanities.


Key Reading:

Silvio, Teri.  2010.  Animation: The New Performance?  Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 20(2):422– 438.


Recommended readings:

Givoni, Michal.  2016.  The Ethics of Witnessing and the Politics of the Governed.  In The Care of the Witness. Cambridge University Press, p. 19 – 48.  

Manning, Paul.  2018.  Spiritualist Signal and Theosophical Noise. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 28(1): 67–92. 

Rooney, Ellen.  2002.  A Semi-private Room.  Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 13(1): 128-156.