Readings with Eirini Avramopoulou_The 'monster' within: Abjected psychic spaces and affective encounters

Focusing on the movement of emotions and on the political economy of fear, this seminar will address historical, political and social processes related to the production of the subject, interpellation and abjection, through the following questions: What does fear do? How does it work to mediate bodies and define thin and thick limits between the self and the other? How does it affect, as much as it gets affected, by space, history, trauma and identity?

Key reading:

Sara Ahmed | 2004. "Affective Economies" Social Text 79(22 (2)): 117-139.


Recommended readings:

Yael Navaro-Yashin | 2009. "Affective Spaces, Melancholic Objects: Ruination and the Production of Anthropological Knowledge." Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 15(1): 1-18.

Saba Mahmood | 2009. "Religious Reason and Secural Affect: An Incommensurable Divide?" Critical Inquiry 35(4): 836-62.

José Esteban Muñoz | 2006. "Feeling Brown, Feeling Down: Latina Affect, the Performativity of Race, and the Depressive Position." Signs 31(3): 675-88.